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Defocus, so you can Focus

This is our first blog entry of many, and the sole goal of this blog is to share some tips, tricks and cool happenings that can help you lead a better, healthier (in every way), a more balanced and enriching life. Today's we would like to keep it short yet impactful, and share an important tip/trick to immediately refocus on the task at hand.

Most of us, when we are struggling to focus on a task, we try harder to focus on what we are doing, which distracts us or zones us out further. Instead, take a minute to close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, feel the air fill up your lungs, and then after holding it for about a second, breath out. As you breath out, just let yourself and just be in the moment. Don't focus on anything, just Breathe in, pause, and breath out. Feel yourself getting refreshed, almost like when a runner gets a second wind. Do this for about a minute or 10 to 15 breaths, and then slowly open your eyes. Now get back to the task at hand, and you will realize you will be able to refocus and patiently work through whatever requires your focus.

The breath is the vital force of our life, yet we rarely take the time to maximize its direct and indirect benefits. Change that today, and you be on your way to changing the trajectory of your inner and outer existence. Until next time...Keep inspiring!

Idea creation can only occur when you have a clear mind that can focus. So, defocus so you can refocus.



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